Briana’s Movie Reviews


Briana aka “Quinn” is an absolute media diva! Armed with hundreds of videos in her library, she is a wealth of information when it comes to movies, television, and the theater arts.

“I began writing stories and scripts when I was about twelve. I was mostly interested in fantasy stories, but now I like to work on romance scripts.” Briana certainly can’t be type-cast, however. With approximately 65 scripts under her belt, she likes to work in a variety of genres.

“My writing goals include getting a script to an agent and director, so that ultimately, it is filmed and available to the public.”, she states. “I also enjoy directing and acting, so I hope to be able to work in those ways on my scripts as well.”

In addition to writing, Briana is also a performer. She’s been in approximately 8 – 9 plays, including: Beauty and the Beast (playing “a silly girl” with two different companies), The Wizard of Oz (playing Aunty Em with two different companies), High School Musical (as Troy Bolten’s Dad), Crazy for You (playing the “mother”), as well as roles in several other productions.

Briana is also very involved with HOPE Service’s media program. Through this program she works regularly with video production, script writing, and she provides outstanding movie and television critiques which are filmed for broadcast. “I would really like to inform people about good movies and television. My goal is to get more people together to see the movies I review.

Be sure to check out Briana’s movie reviews in the coming weeks. And keep your eyes open next time you visit the theater…you just may run into our very own movie expert, Briana (aka Quinn) when you’re there.

We’ll see you at the movies!                                                                         

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