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As many of you are aware, upcoming changes to the federal “Fair Labor Standards Act” will have a significant effect upon our industry. Specifically, as of January 1st, 2015 agencies participating in “personal assistance” work will be required to pay overtime wages to those employees working more than 40 hours per week. Because this has not been required to date, many employees in our industry have chosen to work significantly more than  40 hours per week.

The effect of this overtime requirement is profound. Agencies have few means of increasing revenues, which may force them to limit employees’ hours in order to control labor costs. Recognizing that this is a significant issue for staff members, MBPN has created an “employment registry” where potential employees can register to be contacted by MBPN agencies who need to fill open shifts. Our hope is that the registry will help mitigate both the loss of hours to staff members, and the loss of labor for agencies attempting to control overtime costs.

If you are a staff member looking to enhance the number of hours you work, please print the “Participant Agreement” below. You will need to sign the agreement, scan it, and return it to us prior to having your information available to potential employers.

Participant Agreement

If you are a participating agency looking for potential employees, please print the “Agency Agreement” below.  You will need to sign the agreement, scan it, and return it to us prior to receiving information pertaining to potential employees.

Agency Agreement

Signed agreements should be emailed to: csiscottbeesley@gmail.com

After completing the “participant agreement”, potential employees should click on the following link in order to register with the network, and to provide specific information on the hours, days, shifts, etc. for which they wish work. Should you have difficulty, please contact Scott at the above email address.


Again, we at the MBPN recognize that these changes to employment law will have a profound effect upon our employees and our agencies. We hope this registry provides some means of mitigating these issues as we move forward in a new era for our industry.

Please also consider joining us for the MBPN Employment Fair, where you can discuss potential positions with our member agencies. Info is as follows:

Date/Time:       Tuesday, November 11th. 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:           The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz (7807 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA                                    95003 – across the street from Safeway)

Contact:             Member agencies wishing to participate should again contact Scott at the                                 above email address.

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